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One thing we can safely say about parents: We take a ton of photos. The other thing we can safely say: We hardly have time to organize them, let alone curate them, delete the extras, and share them.

That’s where Mylio Photos comes in to do all of the heavy lifting for you, in ways you might not have even imagined. This photo organizing app behaves more like a personal manager of your very best memories. It’s a terrific way to help busy families solve the problem of managing a lifetime of memories, stored on a whole lot of different gadgets, with the paltry free time we have each day.

Mylio Photos collects the digital files that matter to you — photos, videos, even documents (think scans of your kid’s artwork, awards, you get the idea) across all your devices (like seriously, all of them) — then stores them locally on your own device, and allows you to share them privately. No need to upload to a cloud service, which can be pretty risky when it comes to your privacy! With Mylio Photos, your photos are always in your control, making it both safe and easy to preserve those memories for your kids, your own parents, and maybe even your grandkids.

The Mylio app lets you organize, curate, and share your photos safely, across all platforms | sponsor

Tagging and organizing them, like on their handy map or even on a calendar by date, and your family calendar from iCal or Google calendar and see only events that have photos (just to name a couple), along with deleting duplicates or similar photos that you don’t need 12 of is super easy. And you can use facial recognition (on your own device, never in the cloud) to make your entire collection work best for you.

The result: A single digital library of all the photos and memories that matter to you and your family, that you can access from any gadget with the Mylio Photos app, whenever you want, with the reassurance that they’re backed up safely just in case.

Mylio Photos is such a game-changer, it’s been lauded by the WSJ, USA Today, and photography pubs like PetaPixel, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, and ShotKit, which called it their “favorite photography app of the year.”

A Mylio Photos subscription lets you store an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files from all the devices you have all those things on, and because it’s platform agnostic, you can pull in what you need from anywhere at all — Apple Devices, Android phones, your digital cameras, your Windows PCs, you name it.

Now’s the perfect time to get your 2022 photos in order, and better, get your system in place to start 2023 off fresh thanks to Mylio Photos. Your future self will thank you.

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