If you’re getting ready for the Super Bow (whoa) this Sunday, and plan on having company to make it more fun, we’ve got 7 apps for your Super Bowl party that you’ll want to download stat, from party planning help to food and drink delivery, to real-time social sports chat.

And hey, even if you’re not hosting a Super Bowl party, these are pretty great apps to have if you’re home alone with the kids, or honestly, skipping the game and watching Downton Abbey.

After all, is there ever a bad time to get wine delivered right to your door in an hour?

updated for 2022


Apps for Inviting Friends

Paperless Post Invitation App: Great way to coordinate a game day party


Paperless Post (iOS and Android)
Recently, this favorite premium e-invitation app added flyers to the repertoire of cards, invitations, and thank you notes, making it easy and fun to design a fun invitation to your Super Bowl party and invite everyone over. Plus their designs are pretty gorgeous, and it’s so easy to track RSVPs and even coordinate potluck dishes now.

Also check out: the classic Evite App and the Hobnob app, which lets you manage all your RSVPs and messages by text.


Apps for Booze Delivery

Drizzly LIquor Delivery app: Nearly 20 cities, delivery in 1 hour

Drizly app (iOS and Android)
From beer to wine to liquor, get speedy alcohol delivery through this app in any of 1500 cities across 31 states. Boom! Not just the biggest cities either — you’re in, Worcester, MA and Franklin, TN! Sorry, not Salt Lake City though. Delivery is just $5 in most cities (plus a $1.99 service fee), but free in NYC and just $2 in New Orleans.

Maybe because they’re the two cities where it’s probably just as easy to walk to the corner and grab some more booze yourself.

PS Be sure to check about Sunday delivery regulations in your city; you may want to jump on this and order by Saturday.


Apps for Food Delivery

Best meal delivery apps for game day parties (or any day: Seamless/Grubhub


Seamless app (iOS and Android) / GrubHub app (iOS and Android)
It’s not just for new parents. I love this app that’s got comprehensive delivery listings in tons of cities across the US — with more than 7500 listings in NYC alone, that lets you sort by cuisine, distance, rating or delivery time. Could be perfect if you just don’t feel like cooking, or when the appetizers have run out and you need pizza, stat, that’s actually good. (Sorry, Domino’s.)

Alternately of course, for all platforms there’s now Uber Eats, Caviar, and more  food delivery apps — including Instacart for your bulk Costco beer orders.

NB: If you’re okay making an actual phone call (remember those?) we always recommend calling a local restaurant directly for delivery if they offer that service. It helps them cut back on unnecessary fees so you can better support your local restaurants — and does make it easier to say, “hey, can we get that chicken noodle soup for my 5-year-old without any vegetables or uh…chicken?”

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Apps for Finding Game Day Recipes

Favorite Super Bowl and game day apps: Epicurious and other top apps for sourcing appetizer and snack recipes

Epicurious app (iOS and Android)
While you can always check Cool Mom Eats as your first stop for lots of great game day recipes from dips to nachos to amazing potato skins, consider Epicurious another option. An app for apps!

Alt: The All Recipes Dinner Spinner app has a lot of fans, along with the Food Network app — and of course there’s the wonderful New York Times Cooking app. You can always just you know, “browse the web,” but it’s nice to have apps that let you easily save and bookmark your favorite recipes.

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Apps for Yelling Along with Social Media

The best apps to have for the Super Bowl -- and who to follow on Twitter

Twitter app (iOS and Android)
Let’s be honest, half the fun is seeing just what the rest of the world is saying about live events at the same time you are on social media. And no one does it better in real time — yes, even in 2022 — than Twitter. Sorry Instagram, it’s just not the same with you.

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow @superbowl and @sportscenter for starters. In 2022, you’ve got to follow @Bengals and @RamsNFL of course. And if you really want to get granular, CNET has a great list of Twitter accounts to follow for live Super Bowl coverage.

The hashtags to keep an eye on in 2022 include #SuperBowlLVI,  #SBLVI, #SuperBowl2022.  If you want to talk commercials, try #superbowlads (obv) plus #adbowl and #brandbowl. And then, #Bengals and #Rams are a given.

Of course, keep in mind that if you’re on social media nonstop, you may miss enjoying the actual socializing of your own Super Bowl party…and well, we’ll just leave it at that.