In our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook group, a parent asked for recommendations on the best stylus for kids who are getting into digital art, and the recommendations from our readers were so helpful that we wanted to share them here.

From the top-of-the-line tools to the budget styluses that actually really work, these are the styluses our Out Tech Your Kids members have  personally used and love. So, if you have a teen or tween who’s getting interested in digital art in your house too, these are the best styluses for those budding artists.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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Best styluses for kids: The Apple Pencil

The top of the line stylus: The Apple Pencil

If your child is using an iPad Pro and Procreate to draw or paint, then the Apple Pencil ($124) is the top of the line choice. Plenty of parents chimed in to say they haven’t found anything else comparable, but we get it—$124 is a lot of money for something your teen might lose. If you have an older device, you can get the 1st generation pencil for a little less. That said, if they’re really serious about their art, it is a worthwhile investment to make as it really is a noticeably better tool.

The best styluses for kids: The Logitech Crayon

The next best thing: The Logitech Crayon

If you just aren’t ready to invest in the Apple Pencil, but still want a really reliable stylus, then the Logitech Crayon ($67) is the next best option, according to our readers. It’s not as cheap as the Apple knockoffs, but works really well at half the price of the Apple Pencil. The battery should last an entire school day (for those using it to take notes in class), and the design is built to last being tossed in a bag with the rest of their stuff.

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The best styluses for kids: The Zoxkoy stylus is a great knock-off option

The knock-off our readers swear by

Our readers also recommended their favorite knock-off styluses, which are significantly less expensive. They swear that their kids use them with Procreate with no problems, so it’s definitely worth trying out—especially at this price. The top favorites was the Zoxkoy stylus pen ($30, also in white), which gets high rankings from industry critics too. It features the same palm-rejection technology that the Apple Pencil and Logitech Crayon have, which allows you to rest your hand on the screen without interrupting your work. It also boasts 20+ hours on one charge, which is impressive for kids who use their iPads for work and play.