We’ve been longtime fans of the Tile Bluetooth trackers since we first discovered them years ago. They’re pretty much a staple tech gadget in our home, allowing us to keep track of our keys, our phone, and pretty much every important thing we want to be able to find with a simple click. But now they’ve added a few fantastic features that make them even better than before.

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First up, they’ve added a new Tile Pro to the mix, which gives you a longer tracking distance (300 ft!), as well as lots more durability. Such a helpful feature for those of us with tweens and teens who tend to beat stuff up. These are made to last. And, along with the new Tile Mate, the Tile Pro has a replaceable battery. Finally! This means that unlike their older models that needed to be completely replaced (or traded-in for a discount on a new Tile), you can go a year with your Tile, then get a new battery.

They’ve also added a Tile Premium service (available on iOS now, Android soon), which gives you a slew of fantastic features that are brilliant for families. For $29.99/year or $2.99 you get everything from smart alerts (which let you know when you’ve left home without your important items) and free battery replacement, to location history and unlimited sharing, so multiple family members can track specific items. For a big family like ours, this is a smart investment, especially considering we already own about four Tile trackers right now.

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We can’t tell you how many times Tile has saved our butts, so we’re thrilled that they’ve added features we’ve been hoping for, to make them even more useful.