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The collapse of air traffic and national lockdowns have reduced internal security activities in most countries.

But at the same time, the accelerating shift to remote working has exposed many organizations to cyber-attacks.

The giants of the sector are now positioning themselves in the key areas of security in the digital space, foremost among which are the Cloud and digital identity.

This investment is accompanied by numerous initiatives to overcome the shortage of IT and cybersecurity skills: partnerships with software firms, dedicated training programs, etc.

Market trend

CybersecurityLearn more

Digital transformation, connectivity of objects and associated services, exponential growth of data, and flow and storage management make cybersecurity a major challenge. States, companies and organizations, infrastructures (transport, energy, banking, communications…), all are exposed to cyber attacks.

The size of the civil and military Cybersecurity market has increased from $3.5 billion per year in 2004 to $120 billion in 2017. It is growing at an annual rate of 13%, twice as much as the defence equipment budget.


  • Securing networks and data
  • Recruit and train Cybersecurity skills
  • Be in compliance with regulatory requirements
National security & Infrastructure protectionLearn more

Threats to Homeland security are increasingly varied and decentralized. The proliferation of drones, the increase in air traffic and passenger flows, as urban areas continue to develop and become more complex. Whether it is airspace control, border control or urban control, security solution industries are trying to provide complete solutions.

Most of the world’s major airline hubs now exceed 50 million passengers per year.  Airports require complete access control, video protection and secured information system from the industries. To fight terrorism as well, the Passenger Name Record (PNR) system has also undergone significant development in recent years.


  • Ensure the control and security of passengers
  • Maintain the user experience and ensure traffic flow
  • Guarantee the security of personal data
Identity protectionLearn more

The rise of biometric technologies (fingerprints, facial-iris recognition, voice…) allows us today to use our identity for multiple applications. Whether it is banking, transportation, medical care, or using our smartphone, identification must be reliable, secure and personal.

The biometrics market was estimated at $15 billion in 2015. It is expected to reach $40 billion in 2020.


  • Improve the reliability of the different biometric technologies
  • Reconciling safety and comfort of use
  • Secure the data collected


Technical skills
in Embedded Systems, Electronics, Application Development, Signal Processing and Image Processing
IoT, Big Data-IA, VR/AR, Secure Communication, Cyber-security & Operational Security
1300 Defence & Security engineers in 17 countries to support export projects and offsets strategies

Our Success Stories

C2 transatlantic air defence system engineeringLearn more

Enabling interoperability between Allied nations in handling air defence information, this unified command and control system covers 10 million square kilometres of airspace and handles all types of air operations (such as air policing).

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Cybersecurity: Integrating SOC solutionsLearn more

ALTEN supports a major player in Europe in developing and integrating SOC (Security Operation Centre) solutions in the strategic area of national cybersecurity.

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