We’re always excited to see what new and exciting goodies Crayola is launching, which is why they’re one of our first stops at Toy Fair every year. And lucky us, we got a sneak peek their brand new and upcoming releases to share with you, lots of which have a tech spin. Keep in mind that some of these won’t be available until summer, but we think you’ll agree that they’re well-worth the wait!

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Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Color Chemistry Lab Set | Cool Mom Tech

Of course leave it to Crayola to combine colors and STEAM-infused play with this new Color Chemistry Lab Set. Our kids love to experiment with slime, ice, goo, bubbles and more (you know what I’m talking about) so the Crayola scientists have packed 15 of these fun color experiments right into the Lab Set with an additional instruction booklet to try 50 at home. I think everyone young (or young at heart) needs to give this creative set a try! Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $24.99

Crayola Color Alive Funny Faces

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Funny Faces Crazy Costumes | Cool Mom TechYou’re probably already familiar with Crayola Color Alive. You know, the app that scans your kids’ Color Alive drawings and animates them into the digital world. Pretty cool already, right? It only gets cooler with the Color Alive Funny Faces. The Funny Faces lets your child color and create virtual masks that can be scanned into their photos and animated. If your kid is as obsessed with Snapchat filters as ours (aren’t they all?), then trust me, they will love the Funny Faces. Available now in Crazy Costumes and Zany Zoo designs at Crayola.com and retailers, only $5.99

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Crayola Crayon Melter

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Crayon Melter | Cool Mom Tech

There was once a time when it was faux pas to ‘melt things’ (think Frank Jr. on one of our favorite Friends… you’re with me here, right?). Now melting stuff makes an awesome gift for the most creative of kids! The Crayola Crayon Melter is a compact pen with a low-heat tip (safety first, kids!) that lets your child create wax art in a safe and fun way. The kit arrives with 8 unlabeled crayons that they can place into the Melter and use on a multitude of (parent-approved) surfaces. Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $24.99

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Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Ultimate Light Board | Cool Mom Tech

We’ve come a long way from the 1960s draw, shake and erase mechanical boards. With the new Crayola Ultimate Light Board kids use the Mini Gel Fx Markers on the light board surface and watch their designs glow in the dark with the LED lights in the frame. Then you wipe clean and start over. Looking for a creative toy on the next flight or road trip?  Well here ya go! Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $24.99

Crayola Picture Projector

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Picture Projector | Cool Mom Tech

Remember the days when the teacher’s aide would roll in the overhead projector and take out a dry erase marker for the lesson plan? Okay so this is kind of the same concept, except in color, at home, in a handheld projector that yes, even includes in-unit marker storage. The clunky technology that us parents used back-in-the-day has come a long, long way and now the Crayola Picture Projector is used by our kids at sleepovers and bedtime stories. Um, mind blown! Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $14.99

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Crayola Mini Neon Marker Maker

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Mini Neon Marker Maker | Cool Mom Tech

The budding chemist in your kiddo will love to mix colors and scents with the Mini Neon Marker Maker. The kit comes with 36 components in scents of blue raspberry, lemon taffy, and fruit punch. Each marker includes a key chain for on-the-go drawing. This Marker Maker gives your young artist the chance to express herself through her artwork and her customized tools. Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $19.99

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Crayola Color Wonder Scented Light-Up Stamper

Crayola New Releases: Crayola Scented Light-up Stamper | Cool Mom Tech

We already know we love Color Wonder, Crayola’s magical, mess-free color technology that only appears on Color Wonder paper (not on our walls… or the family pet). What I love even more is the new Color Wonder Scented Light-Up Stamper that combines the magical, mess-free colors with stamping, scents, and a handle that lights up to indicate which color is being used. Leave it to Crayola to come up with a brilliant way for youngsters to create while learning their colors! Available August 2018 at Crayola.com and retailers, $19.99